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Call us on 01243 786366

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Opening hours
Sunday - 9am - 5pm
Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm
Saturday - (Sabbath) Closed

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Opening hours
Sunday - 9am - 5pm
Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm
Saturday - (Sabbath) Closed

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New products to capture your imagination

Featured NEW products

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Fermented activated food Supplements 
(Kefir & Kombucha Fermented Organic Foods & Herbs)

“Living Nutrition is a small UK based company founded by a nutritional therapist, producing innovative nutritional products of the very highest quality. Our unique processes capture the living essence of foods, creating bio-activated nutritional complexes that the body intuitively recognises and utilises to maximum effect. After many years researching how each traditional culture would convert their own prized 'superfoods' into a higher level of nutrition (used in both ceremony and medicine), we have utilised these methods to create a new paradigm of fermentation activated food supplements”.

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New products recently added in-store

What we think
“A herbal supplement harnessing the benefits of both kefir and kombucha! What’s not to love?”
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Living Nutrition
Nature and purity is the backbone of our manufacturing and our products. All of our methods and ingredients are traditional and natural and we avoid any synthetic ingredients at every stage. We act with consciousness and utilise ethical practices, we only use certified organic, non-GMO ingredients and sustainable methods.
Turmeric Alive
• Full spectrum of active curcumins
• Superior bioavailability
• Easy on the stomach

• For performance and exertion
• Physical stress
• Fertility & virility
• Menopausal symptoms

• For Candida overgrowth
• For bacterial/fungal infections
• Travel (protection)
• Take as a course (adults 3 a day)

• For pain and inflammation
• Joint support
• Arthritic/rheumatic pain
• Skin conditions

Your Daily
• For all round health & vitality
• A glass of kombucha in a capsule
• Highly nutrient dense blend
• Superior bio-availability
• Rich in enzymes & microbes

• For clarity of thought
• Depression and anxiety
• Mood swings
• Times of emotional stress
• Dementia and neuro-conditions

What we think
“We think this is a fantastic range. Certified Organic, with Vegan and Low Sulphur options, and great tasting to boot!”
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Four Sigmatic
Four Sigmatic was founded with the goal of cutting through all of the hype and helping people eat more of the world’s most scientifically studied superfoods, like mushrooms. We wanted to make these incredibly powerful foods taste better and be easier to use, so that they can be simply incorporated to upgrade your existing habits. In other words, no more fads, no more pills, and no more capsules.
Our first mission in accomplishing this was to popularize drinking (yes, drinking) mushrooms.
When we founded Four Sigmatic, our first goal was to find the smallest thing people could add to their current diet to produce the biggest positive impact on their health. For us, the answer was obvious: medicinal mushrooms. Mushrooms impact the world of Western health in a big way, even though most people are completely unaware of how integral this super fungi is to our healthcare system. About 40 percent of Western medicines today, including penicillin, utilise mushrooms.

Because mushrooms are so integral to clinical practices, thousands of studies have been conducted and papers have been written testifying to their incredible healing properties—to date, 1,100 papers have been published on just one single type of mushroom, of which there are more than 10,000 known varieties in North America alone.

Indigenous cultures have been incorporating mushrooms into their diets in both solid and liquid form for thousands of years; it’s part of ancient survival wisdom in cultures across the world. It’s time to go back to our roots.

What we think
“We love a company that really gets excited about their product! And with lip balms that are fair trade, organic and vegan, who can blame them?”
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Hurraw! Lip Balm
Hurraw! Balm started out of pure intent; a personal obsession to create the perfect balm: all natural, vegan, made from premium raw, organic and fair trade ingredients, complete with a bunch of natural and fun flavor options! It also had to meet some tough criteria...
Super smooth, not draggy, not sticky, not sweet, not too glossy, not too smelly, never grainy, long lasting; plus, it had to hold up to being in a back jeans pocket all day without melting! To ensure the quality and integrity of our product, we individually pour each tube of Hurraw! balm in our own facility. Our top priority is to make Hurraw! the finest all natural, vegan, balm available... a great product to be used by everyone regardless of lifestyle.

We source honest, fair trade, organic, vegan and raw ingredients from reputable suppliers and are thrilled to share the labours with other balm lovin' individuals. Your purchase supports legit fair trade, organic farmers and suppliers here in the States and around the World.

It took us several obsessed years to formulate Hurraw! Balm and put it through all the rigors.

We love it, use it, and hope you do too.

Health choices matter

With over 3,500 products available in our store, some may feel a little overwhelmed when choosing the right product. You needn’t worry, our staff have all the information pertaining to our products and are very happy to discuss the attributes of any given product with you, that way, you can decide if a product is right for you.

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